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Teacher/Licensed - Licensed or certified classroom teacher.
Student Support Services - Licensed/certified position, at a school site with direct student contact (nurse, OT, psychologist, PT, SLP, etc.).
Administrator - Upper-level position responsible for supervising instructional staff and/or decision-making (Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, etc.).
Instructional Support (Classified) - Support staff, at a school site, who work directly with children and/or instructional materials (Educational Aide, Instructional Assistant, Paraprofessional, Teacher Support, etc.).
Non-Instructional Support Staff (Classified) - Support staff, typically hourly employees, who perform services related to operations (Bus Driver, Clerical/Secretarial, Custodial/Maintenance, Food Service, Technology Staff, etc.).
Professional/Executive - Support position, not typically at a school site, responsible for supervising programs and/or non-instructional support staff. Does not have direct student contact (Accounting, Chief Finance Officer, Human Resources, IT Management, etc).
Extra Curricular (Coach/Advisor) - Positions with direct student contact, typically as part of an “Extra Duty” or “Supplemental Work” contract, in the role of advisor or coach for extra-curricular activities (Assistant Coach, Dance Team Advisor, Head Coach, Student Government Advisor, Jazz Band Leader, etc.).
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